House Rewire in Spalding

House Rewire in Spalding

As with all electrical appliances, fixed electrical installations deteriorate over time through daily use and general wear and tear.

Cables weaken during their lifespan and the quality of the PVC casing that protects the copper cable inside can weaken to the point that copper is exposed.

Some older houses may still contain cables that are coated with a vulcanised natural rubber for insulation. Since the rubber is made of natural materials, it becomes so brittle that if the cable is disturbed or moved the rubber will crack, again revealing the live copper inside.

It is therefore highly advisable to have a house rewire and recommended not to touch the cables unless the electrical supply has been isolated.

If you think or know that your house needs rewiring, you can contact us to discuss the specific requirements of your own home. If you are thinking of having your house rewired, you may wish to consider if you need any additional sockets, TV / phone points or additional lighting installed when the rewire takes place.

To ensure the safety of families and their homes, new regulations regarding electrical installations are often introduced. Wiring should always be installed to the most current version of the British Standard BS7671 “Requirements for electrical installations”. These requirements give electricians the guidelines to follow to ensure the installation is safe, posing the minimal risk to life as possible should something go wrong.

It is always advisable to consult a qualified electrician when having this sort of work done, as the installation needs to be tested after completion to ensure it is fully safe and fit for purpose.

If you are considering a rewire, or just require some advice regarding your electrical installation, you can always contact us for more information or a no obligation quotation.