Thermal Imaging Survey’s protect your business from fire

Electrical Thermal Imaging Survey in Spalding

Thermal imaging can be used to discover electrical problems within distribution boards or electrical panels in retail premises as well as industrial locations like factories and warehouses.

At K A Goulden Electrical Ltd, we offer a service that utilises thermal imaging technology to locate issues before they become disasters. Our thermal camera will detect overheating, arcing, loose connections and over load problems before a fire occurs, avoiding the disruption of business and putting both employees and valued customers in danger.

The electrical system will need to be under load during the thermal imaging inspection, meaning it will need to be conducted during working hours with all equipment in use. However, the inspection is non-intrusive and does not usually require the electrical system to be isolated or result in disruption of business.

Thermal imaging is usually carried out on an annual basis, to supplement the five year electrical fixed wiring inspection, test and report.

Following the survey, a full report including photos and maximum heat sources within electrical distribution boards and panels will be provided. This will detail any potential problems found and what actions need to be taken to remedy the findings.