Kelvin is extremely pleased at how easy Triplog is to use

“The advantages to our company, K A Goulden Electrical, have been literally that we’ve recovered the first six months cost within two months of putting them in the vehicles, the drivers are not using them for private use, as they were before, and the journey times have been cut because they’re going more direct instead of going off and picking up something on the way. So financially it’s been really good for us.

We are electrical contractors and we do a lot of domestic work, commercial works and industrial works, starting with inspection work, periodic inspections, carrying right through to the repairs and new installations such as rewires of houses or factories, shops, anywhere in the UK.

Piers is a very genuine guy, he came over and he demonstrated to me the ABAX System. Once I saw the system itself, I realised that it is quite easy to use and not being that technically minded on a computer, I found it very easy for me to personally get my head around it.

I thought about using tracking on vans previously, but I didn’t really consider it until I had one employee that was really off the tracks. I usually spend about four minutes every morning, just checking everybody’s out on site and they’ve left home, then the only other reason I use it is to check the records. When they leave the site, I’ve got a full accurate picture of the time we’ve spent on site and that is good for my customers because I’m not overbilling them and it’s good for me because I don’t miss any times.

The drivers themselves actually are quite good with the system; in fact on a couple of occasions they’ve used the system to check out their times that they’ve forgotten or not written down properly, so it’s a backup for me, but it’s also a backup for them on their time.

Using the system on a daily basis is quite easy for me, I can just log straight on, which is very easy to do. Within two or three clicks, I can find out where all my vans are and what journeys they’re making, so to actually find a system that I could use quite easily with a few instructions from ABAX was very good and relaxing.”

Kelvin Goulden
Video uploaded on 30 Jun 2014
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